Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaners You Can Rely On!

High Reach Window Cleaning ServicesWhether it’s your home or business, your windows are one of the first things visitors notice. At Loreto Cleaning Services we clean windows inside and outside in a safe, efficient and non disruptive manner. We offer a once off window cleaning service or if you would like the convenience of knowing your windows will be maintained year round, we offer yearly window cleaning packages at a discounted price.

For the outside we use the water fed pole system which allows us to clean windows up to twenty meters from the ground.

The benefits of using the water-fed pole system are….

Health and safety No need for ladders which pose a risk not only to the window cleaner but to people and property below as well.

Better results The water fed pole system uses 100% pure filtered water which leaves a streak free finish without the need for detergent. Instead of the traditional squeegee and cloth, soft brushes are used to clean not just the glass but the frames as well.

Improved access Even the most experienced window cleaners have trouble reaching some windows when using a ladder. The water fed pole system allows the operator a far safer way to reach windows at awkward angles.

No need for chemicals! Better for the environment