Year Round Window Cleaning + Bonus Gutter Cleaning


Get Quarterly Window Cleaning With Free Bonus Gutter Cleaning When You Buy Our Yearly Package

  • You get 4 window cleaning sessions over 12 months
  • Book for any time or day that suits you* Subject to availability
  • Get sent reminders every 3 months that your windows are due to be cleaned
  • We will keep your gutters clean year round
We want to make your purchase completely hassle free. After you make your purchase just go to our Contact page and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you.


Our Yearly Window Cleaning Package Comes With FREE Gutter Cleaning

Yes that’s right! This purchase will entitle you to 4 window cleaning sessions and each time we come we will inspect and clean your gutters. We will send you a reminder every 3 months to let you know your windows are due to be cleaned.


Spotless Clean Windows & Frames – No Streaks

The water fed pole system uses 100% pure filtrated water which leaves a streak free, crystal clear finish. Instead of the traditional squeegee and cloth, soft brushes with water jets are used to clean not just the glass but the frames as well. There is no soap residue for dirt to cling to which means your windows stay clean much longer and is far better for the environment. There is minimal need for ladders which reduces accidents and damage to property but also allows better access to windows that sometimes cant be reached by traditional methods.

Completely Hassle Free- No Need For Cash

We are the only window cleaners to offer a completely automated service. Now you can book and securely pay online and even schedule reminders as frequently as you like. We have several different options available and we guarantee satisfaction. No hassle having cash or worrying how much it will be. You are in complete control. We are fully insured and our staff are thoroughly trained and vetted

How it works…..

After you make your purchase please use our Contact us page to schedule your first appointment. Generally we schedule appointments a week in advance but we may be able to get to you within 3 days if required. This is subject to availability. Please note that your house must not have more windows than the package you purchase to avail of the free gutter cleaning offer. Valid for 12 months.

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