Due to the sensitivity of some different fabrics and materials, there are a number of different cleaning methods. The more robust fabrics are generally machine cleaned while on more delicate fabrics hand cleaning may only be appropriate. Our technician will know what is the best method once they see your particular sofa. Our upholstery cleaners are thoroughly trained in how to clean many different sofa materials. With proper professional care, your living room will give you pleasure for years to come. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we take pride in ourselves on our great reputation. Our cleaning service achieves outstanding results which will always exceed your expectations. Our sofa cleaning process will allow you to enjoy a beautifully cleaned sofa with maximum stain removal, super-fast drying times, a cleaner and healthier environment, and exceptional prices. If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of our friendly advisers, we are happy to help.

Sofa Cleaning | Fabric

Sofas and other upholstery can benefit greatly from being professional cleaned. As with any material constant wear and tear can leave it haggard and dull looking. Professional sofa cleaning can rejuvenate and refresh their appearance as well as eliminating bad odours. We also now offer Loreto Stain Guard which provides a protective water repellent seal to safeguard from accidental spillages that could permanently damage your sofa.

Professional Sofa cleaning at work dublin
Leather clean Dublin

Sofa Valet | Leather

Over time leather sofas can become dull and grimy looking. Our Loreto Leather Cleaner & Conditioner gently cleans the leather and leaves it looking fresh and revitalised.

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