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So why pay for your window cleaning on-line?

Firstly its cheaper! We offer a discounted rate when you buy through our website. Secondly its easy, professional and stress free. We want to make window cleaning as handy and organised as ordering a taxi from an app on your phone. If you buy on-line we do not even need you to be there. You can simply book a date that suits and we will take care of the rest. We use the pure water system with extendable poles so there is no need for ladders and we can get to any windows no matter how awkward they are.  We are fully insured to work on your property. Check out our on-line shop here

Due to the typical Irish summer windows and frames are getting very dirty from the wind and rain. Don’t worry though, we use a distilled water, high reach system that cleans the frames and glass with no residue. This system is far better for your windows and the environment as no chemicals are being used. Your glass will be totally clean without any streaks. Once you get used to your windows being cleaned with this method you will never let them be cleaned with soap again!

If you would like to be put on our regular rota just contact us here and we will make sure your windows are cleaned and maintained all year round. You will be sent notifications to let you know we are coming.

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