Hassle Free Window Cleaning

Whether it’s your home or business, your windows are one of the first things visitors notice. Our professional window cleaners are trained to the highest standards to clean inside and out in a safe, Eco-friendly and non-disruptive manner. We can provide a once-off window cleaning service or we offer yearly window cleaning packages with FREE bonus Gutter cleaning!

You can choose to pay as you go or buy the package for the year at a discounted rate. When you buy the yearly package our staff will clean all the gutters on the first booking and then check and maintain them each subsequent visit. If you choose to pay as you go our staff will clean 25% of your gutters on each occasion. To our knowledge we are the only cleaning company in Ireland to make such an offer!

Window clean Dublin
Professional window cleaning dublin

Spotless Clean Windows & Frames - No Streaks

The water fed pole system uses 100% pure filtrated water which leaves a streak-free, crystal clear finish. Instead of the traditional squeegee and cloth, soft brushes with water jets are used to clean not just the glass but the frames as well. There is no soap residue for dirt to cling to which means your windows stay clean much longer and is far better for the environment. There is minimal need for ladders which reduces accidents and damage to property but also allows better access to windows that sometimes cant be reached by traditional methods.

Completely Hassle Free- No Need For Cash

We are the only window cleaners to offer a completely automated service. Now you can book and securely pay online and even schedule reminders as frequently as you like. We have several different options available and we guarantee satisfaction. No hassle having cash or worrying how much it will be. You are in complete control. We are fully insured and our staff are thoroughly trained and vetted.


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